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A la Carte Options

DEPOSIT   In order to secure the preferred date for your function, a $500.00 deposit is required. This deposit is completely refundable as long as the function is cancelled at least six (6) months prior to the date of the event. For example, if event date is July 1st, then January 1st is the deadline. If cancelled within six (6) months from the date of the event, the complete deposit is forfeited. Please print, read, sign, and return this copy with your deposit.

GUARANTEES   A guaranteed attendance number is required seven (7) days before your function. If no guarantee is received by the specified deadline, the initial expected attendance figure will be considered the guarantee. The guaranteed number is not subject to reduction. You will be charged for the guaranteed number of people. If the count exceeds the guarantee, you will be charged accordingly.

PRICES AND PAYMENT   Due to food safety and health reasons, no food from a function can be removed from the premises. Payment is in the form of cash or a credit card is due at the conclusion of the function. Room arrangements, menus, and other details pertinent to your function need to be made two (2) weeks before your function. Menu prices are subject to change.

BEVERAGE SERVICE   Please note that the NH State Liquor Commission regulates alcoholic beverage sales and service, and that the Town & Country, as a licensee, is responsible for the administration of these regulations. As a matter of policy, no liquor or wine of any kind may be brought into the hotel from outside sources. The employees of the Town and Country must do all of the dispensing of beverages. The Town & Country Inn’s managers, bartenders and servers are trained in responsible beverage service and if necessary will refuse service to anyone that, in their opinion, appears to be consuming more alcohol than is considered responsible and safe.

The function room fee is based on a (5) five hour time frame
Our function room fees are as follows:
Gold Room = $300.00 + tax / accommodates up to 60 people.
Rose Room = $400.00 + tax / accommodates up to 150 people.
Lamplight Room = $400.00 + tax / accommodates up to 150 people.
Shelburne Room = $700.00 + tax if / accommodates up to 180 people.

The Town & Country has several lovely indoor and outdoor settings for your ceremony - $100.00 set-up fee

If security is required to maintain order due to the size or nature of your event, The Town and Country Inn may require you provide, uniformed or non-uniformed personnel. The Town and Country Inn shall have final approval on any and all security to be utilized during your function. (Please note: You will be liable for any property damage incurred by you or your guests.)

The Town and Country provides the finest banquet facility to its customers. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing delicious food, and first-class service. Please bear in mind that last-minute changes hamper our goal of serving your guests properly.

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